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North Macedonia may not be the first place that comes to when thinking of great Pinot Noir wine. However this is a country with an embarrassing richness of terroir and a history of wine production going back to the time of the country’s most famous son, Alexander the Great. And, as your first sip of Klaxon will show you, North Macedonia’s wine industry is only getting better with age! These days, the country’s wineries are fully modernized and forward thinking winemakers are producing bright, fruity, modern styled Pinot Noirs. This elegant, svelte and finessed wine will make you think…is North Macedonia THE next hot spot for world class Pinot Noir wines?


Klaxon will turn you on with its distinct sense of balance and finesse. A medium bodied, supple mouthfeel delivers waves of crushed red berry, cherry and clove notes to the palate. The tannins are fine, the flavors nicely layered and all its edges are rounded – Klaxon is a fine testament to the heights that Macedonia can reach with its Pinot Noir.




Located to the north of Greece, the republic of North Macedonia is simply perfectly situated for the production of fine wine. Vines cling to the flanks of the rocky mountainsides that cascade down to the Mediterranean plains below, where they thrive in abundant sunlight while being refreshed by the cool mountain breezes emanating from the country’s interior. No surprise then, that Pinot Noir has found a foothold in this stunning landscape, where this notoriously finicky grape variety thrives in well-aerated, gravelly soils; producing medium-bodied, feminine-styled versions that achieve flavor ripeness while still retaining freshness and plenty of varietal character.


Klaxon is great for sipping on its own, but really comes alive paired with salmon, mushroom ravioli, roast duck and beef bourguignon (of course!).

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